Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas one and all.

I thought I would take a few minutes *cough* out of todays schedule to read up on blogs and add my own festive message before we head off to my folks for a few days of my Mums cooking *happy sigh*.
As I sit here with my cup of tea and brandy butter cupcake I am relieved to say my Christmas spirit seems to have finally arrived! This is despite the cold sore and mouth ulcers (grrr) A sure sign I am run down/stressed which might explain the distinct lack of festive glee that has plagued me the last few weeks. Work as been hellish it's as simple as that.

Yesterday was my last day at work until the 4th January *huzzah* and our last ever departmental christmas lunch. Foodwise it was an unmittigated disaster but peoplewise we had an absolute scream. I work with such an amazing bunch of people it's horrible to think in 6 months time we will be disbanded and in all likelihood I will never see some of them again, January the job hunting frenzy begins, but I'm not thinking about that right now.

Today the presents are under the tree and Himself is off having his hair cut by my sister in law.
Sadly the downside to having your hairdresser in the family is that you are NOT allowed to go elsewhere for a 'do' but she is so damn busy right now, timewise, a cut and colour for me is out of the question. So whilst Himself will be freshly coiffured for Christmas day I am still looking like a dogs dinner with split ends and roots a go-go. It's been hats of various descriptions for me for the last few weeks I can tell you.

Anyway the sun is shining, A Muppets Christmas Carol has been watched, cake eaten and tea drunk and I must be off to pack my bag and tidy the chaos that is my sitting room.
So I wish you all a very, very happy christmas and see you all in a few days. x

I leave you with what is being called the most photographed bike in Oxford.

It was chainned to a downpipe at work and that downpipe burst and leaked.

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  1. That is one frozen bike!

    Have a very, very happy Christmas too! xxx