Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Literary Christmas.

Hello all, I am back home from my parents and sitting here full of pasta and tea, hoping I can stay awake until Upstairs Downstairs starts!

We had a blissful, very quiet Christmas which was just what I needed. Having said that Christmas eve was a bit manic with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew over as well. My nephew has ADHD and hadn't taken his meds that day so he was a bit demented to say the least! Kept us all entertained mind you and Mum cooked us all a 3 bird roast which was delicious.

I got some wonderful pressies this year with a definite Agatha Christie theme.

As you can see.

Also another load of wonderful books to add to the never shrinking pile under the bed!

As you can see my family know me and my tea drinking well. I got both sizes of 'Where there is tea there is hope' cushion. Some cute knitted teapot tree decorations and my nephew also bought me the fab Mighty Boosh mug.

Finally Himself got me these cosy slippers.

Oh and here is my latest cheats sewing project. I boght this cat jumper a few months ago and it has done nothing but shed the most ridiculous amounts of fluff ever since. I even had to clean out the washing machine drum after I washed it because it left so much behind! I got heartly fed-up of defluffing everything the jumper touched so I turned it into a cushion cover.

I hope you all had a fabulous christmas where ever you were and whatever you were doing. x x


  1. You got an excellent Christmas haul! I can highly recommend "Debs at War" - I read it earlier in the year. Glad you had such a lovely time :)

  2. It was from your recommendation that it went on my list! Which reminds me I do still owe you a book review.....