Saturday 2 April 2011

When the going gets tough..... You guessed it, I go shopping.

It's been another pretty hellish week at work. It seems likely this will be the norm until I get the hell out of Dodge, I used to love my job so much and now I can't wait to go, breaks my heart.We had another 4 people leave this week so that really made the week finish on a low.
I do have an interview next week at the Institue of American and African Studies. I'm really not sure about this job, but as there has been absolutely nothing else internal to apply for and it's getting horribly close to the wire(July 31st) sounded ok-ish so I gave it a go. I guess I'll find out when I go for my pre-interview tour next week, I need to find out about the money too, it's potentially a LOT less than I am on now. If that's the case I will have to pull out of the process even if I end up loving the sound of it, I can't afford to take a large cut. It really does suck big time. So much for being a valued employee, I will stop before I start ranting. Lets just say I am so bitter right now my flavour is lemon.

Anyway yesterday I went to take the lovely cream lace dress back to the shop I got it from in hopes of a refund *weep* I failed spectacularly at the first hurdle when it comes to dyeing clothes, namely: LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE MADE OUT OF!
The lining was 100% polyester and polyester doesn't dye. So it was a sad bunny who returned the dress yesterday. I did end up going into New Look and buying a dress and cardigan but as I haven't tried them on yet, no pictures as yet. They might even go back in the cold light of 'stop spending money you might be unemployed in 4 months time' day.
Today my bestest buddy Soo came over for some girlie time, charity shopping and patient listening to my moaning and whingeing on. I took a bag of goods with me to hand in (to appease the charity shop gods into helping us find bargains!) We both did pretty well as it goes :-)
Here is my haul:

First up a cute little tea dress. It's a modern one from Dorothy Perkins but I thought it was lovely and it was only £6.

Next up a pair of 3/4 jeans, they were rather smelly and dirty but only £2 so I got them bagged up seperately and stuck them straight in the wash when I got home!

Bargain of the day was this beautiful black wool suit at £6.99. The girl said that it was worth a lot more but noone buys suits so they mark them down to try and sell them. I may even wear it to the interview next week :-)
This thankfully was beautifully fresh and clean.
I also bought this amazing pure wool vintage skirt for £1 to sell in my Etsy shop.
 They also had a green and maroon long tartan skirt that was actually a pair of culottes and not a kilt at all, most bizarre! I decided it was just a bit *too* quirky to sell on.
Talking of bizarre, in every shop we went into there were some of the most amazing full on 80's clothes I've seen since, well, the 80's! It was like someone had cleared out a time capsule wardrobe and taken some to each shop. I wish I had taken my camera along, some of it was mental, with huge shoulderpads and garish colours and patterns. It did entertain us I must say.
Completely forgot to add this one! I also bought this top, thought it would do for the summer.
 As you can see Himself thought it would be funny to disrupt my photo taking! 


  1. Sorry to hear you're having a crappy time at work, it's such a shame if it used to be a job you really enjoyed. Hope things start to look up soon and the potential new job is better paid than you think.

    On the plus side, you got some fab clothing bargains. That suit looks really nice, you obviously have a good eye. We should probably be snapping up the 80s clothing now and putting it in storage. Some day it will have achieved a proper rarity value!

  2. The green wool skirt is gorgeous! I'm the same way, thrift/estate sales/vintage shopping is my go-to for stress relief. It's definitely cheaper than retail shopping and the proceeds go to a good cause, everyone wins.

  3. i love that long green skirt and floral dress! i wish you had bought those funky tartan trousers...they sound right up my alley! =)

  4. Hope things look up soon.That suit is great.

  5. You did very well, the charity shop god's must of been smiling down on you!

    The tea dress is very pretty, the green skirt was a bargain :) x

  6. Great buys - I think that the tea dress (love it - nice pattern and black too!) and 3/4 jeans would look good together.

    Did you and your friend try any of the 80s stuff on for a laugh? I gave the majority of my 80s stuff away years ago, but wish I held onto some of it - like my white leather ruched high heel boots (worn with black spandex)!!!!

    P.S. I'm sending you good vibes for the job front Miss M x

  7. I do like that suit. I bet it will look fab at the interview. Is that something like velvet ribbon on the pockets?

    Hope things improve at your job before you leave.

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments all :-)

    The green wool skirt is lovely but it is TINY, I don't think I'd even get one thigh through that waistband let alone the rest of me!

    The 80's stuff was a bit too full on really, more fancy dress that cool retro if you know what I mean(flouro bright orange jacket with huge shoulder pads)

    Vintage Knitter - yes there are a few things I wish I had kept as well but some I am very happy never to see again! lol

    Mim - yes that is velvet on the pockets and skirt waistband.

  9. Sorry to hear about's getting so common lately, and if I hear 'we're all in it together' one more time, I'll go apeshit. I hope it goes well for you.
    Good haul. Love the suit. You never know...may be the 'lucky' interview suit.
    Take care.xxxx

  10. Hope all turns out good on the job front. Loving your finds, esp the leopard print top which i actually own and have worn lots! lol. I bought it as it was loose to cover my pregnancy belly but still wearing it 8 months after my boy was born lol. Scarlett x

  11. Ooh, sorry to hear about the job. Horrid times, I know only too well. Love the dress and the green skirt looks gorgeous, shame it's too small.