Tuesday 5 April 2011

Must Visit Spring Exhibitions........now how do I get to Woking?

Just spotted a tiny article about this very intersting looking exhibition in Woking
Essential Accessories: Handbags and Heels

I think I may have to investigate further as Woking is a place I have heard of but never been too. Trains look doable....Hmm. I wonder if i can persuade anyone to go with me.......
Does anyone know Woking at all? Hints and tips gratefully received!

Other that the above exhibition I really REALLY want to go and see this one at the V&A
The Cult of Beauty

This is the main era I covered at college, with Edward Burne Jones being a favourite artist of mine. However I suspect this will definitly be me going on my own :-(
I don't mind doing exhibitions alone it is just nicer to have someone to go with.


  1. Hi, I know woking, been a few times for the theatre and shopping - its ok as a town but nothing special although the exhibition looks amazing! Are you far from woking? Scarlett x

  2. Hi, I'm just outside of Oxford and I don't have a car at the moment so I would be travelling by train.

  3. I lived in Woking for a month this past summer and so wish this had been on then! It looks fascinating.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. EBJ is one of my favorite artists too!

  4. The london train I get always goes through Woking so I dont think you would have a problem getting there, they have a pretty big station. Scarlett x

  5. Oohh shoes......what's not to love! I heard about the Cult of Beauty on Woman's Hour and it sounds amazing. I had a big thing for the Pre-Raphaelites in my teens and was completely fascinated by the attention paid to the minutest of detail.