Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wonderous Boots Products, Packing, Easter and a Little Charity Shopping.

Ok slightly misleading heading as I haven't ACTUALLY started packing yet! I have mentally figured out the outfits I want to take away with me but after the interview trouser debacle I realise I need to try things on before I pack, otherwise I might go away with a case full of clothes I don't fit into! I haven't been able to face doing it before now, nothing worse than confirmation you have got fat, but I only have a day left now so I must bite the bullet. *Le Sigh*
How am I preparing for this? by sitting here eating Cadbury's mini eggs and drinking wine. Bad, bad, bad.

I shall move swiftly on to raving about a couple of Boots products instead. Firstly being a woman of a certain age, wrinkles are part and parcel of my face these days. Some days are fine, but some days, to quote the song 'the morning sun really shows my age'. I don't agree with Botox, even if I could afford it, and whilst I am evangelical about always removing make-up (there have only been 2 times in my whole life where I have gone to bed with make-up on, doesn't matter how tired/drunk/ill) avoiding the sun and I always ALWAYS moisturise that doesn't halt the march of time.
I admit desperate as I can get to smooth the skin I am quite cynical about all the products out there and whether they are as miraculous as they claim. So believe me I approached this product with much scepticism, infact I only bought it because I had a coupon! But I am a convert. Oh yes!

It does exactly what it says on the tube. It doesn't freeze them or cure them forever but for a time it just magics them away, bloody brilliant! I love it. Now if only I could find something that really does that with the black lines under my eyes I'd be a seriously happy woman.
The other product I am impressed with is a nail polish

this one infact.I bought it a few weeks ago and finally painted on 2 coats whilst watching Lewis on sunday night. Nail polish is another product that I never believe the claims on the bottle, I have been failed too many times over the years. However when you take into concideration I have a manual job this has lasted until today with only one chip. Very, very impressive.

This week I have also fitted in a brief flit round the charity shops. Not much to be had by way of clothes. I only picked up a pair of brown capri pants for £1. Not sure they will fit at the moment but hopefully etc.
I found a couple of fantastic accessories mind you.

 A clear glass necklace with  lovely faceted beads. £3.49

A very cute and unusual ceramic cat brooch £2.99

My Mum said 'ABSOLUTELY NO CHOCOLATE!!' as she and Dad are also trying to loose weight,

so when I saw this Owl teapot for £2.99 I just had to buy it for my Dad for Easter. He was thrilled with it :-)
I then found this decorative tile for my friend Jennifer in America for £1.99

She loves anything with a Fleur des lys design so it had to be done. Finally I don't mind admitting that I like cuddly toys, I know they aren't for everyone but seriously how Easter-y is this little chap?
 I loved his hawaiian style shirt. Oh and my Mum brought me the mini eggs that I am currently scarfing and this cute little bouncing chick.

How can you not smile? This does it for me too, even the ugly high street in my town is transformed for a few weeks at least.


  1. I'm the same camp as you, I always take the make up off before sleeping otherwise I know that I just couldn''t rest until I've got a clean face.

    Thats a pretty necklace that you brought and the owl teapot would bring a smile to anyone's face!

  2. Im with you on the make-up removal, have to remove it all before bedtime. The owl is very cute :o) Scarlett x

  3. I love the owl, he's so cute! those necklaces are ace, they're a bit of instant vintage for any outfit.

  4. What a cute little teapot :) Have a lovely Easter and enjoy your hol's x

  5. Good product recommend! I too am sceptical about all these "wonder" products...hmmm. The only thing that works on dark eye bags? Shed loads of concealer! ha ha! I highly recommend Benefit Boi-ing :))

  6. I love No7 products. That teapot's fab x