Saturday 16 April 2011

The Things you Take for Granted When Working in an Art Deco Building

I have been working in my current job for 23 years now, (I was a mere child when I started honest) and I'm sure any of you who have been in a job for a while know how easy it is to trudge into work each day without really looking around you. In fact I often thought the place looked like a prison with it's tiny wee barred windows.

Here it is in it's magnificent spendour when openned in 1940 and before the extension on top which gives it it's to me prison like appearance!

See what I mean prison right? ok it's probably just me isn't it?
Anyway in the last few months as they empty the building of it's books, staff and fittings I have been becoming painfully aware of my surroundings. Especially as the powers that be seem hell bent on tearing out anything old and throwing it away. Just heartbreaking.
I have been taking my camera into work a lot lately to capture memories before they are gone forever and I thought I would share some on my blog.

The old library lift affectionatly known as the coffin lift, those mirrors were fantastic for getting an all round view of your hair and outfit. It has since been taken out and destroyed.

The main staircase in the new library. It used to have the most stunning glass and metal lanterns lighting it, again they have been taken down and thrown in a skip. Sadly before I could get a picture.

All the door handles are solid brass, these apparently are going to be saved and reused! 

The entrance hall clock, at least they can't scrap that! 



  1. Thrown the lanterns into a skip??!!! They must be bonkers. Any chance of you being able to 'obtain' anything before it gets ripped out?(rustles up images of you smuggling screwdrivers into your handbag!)

  2. Oh the humanity! Chucking art deco fittings away? That's terrible. If all the interior is original I'm surprised it's not been listed. Love the bannisters.

    I have to agree that the extension on top hasn't done a great deal to improve its appearance though.

  3. Good grief! I hope some enterprising skip diver rescued the lanterns. It sounds as though the place is being vandalised.

  4. Holy hell they're just throwing this stuff away? What is wrong with people? I despair of the stuff that must get thrown away :o(

  5. gorgeous pics. It's horrible to think of all that fabulous stuff being thrown in a skip. I can't watch filth fighters for the same reason. Don't they know one persons junk is anothers treasure x

  6. I hate it when they do this! Ripping the soul out of period buildings should be a crime!

  7. I can't believe they are taking out all the good bits and just throwing them away. So sad :( x

  8. Such a travesty to throw away such beautiful craftmanship and the history that goes with it. I do hope at least some of the cast offs were salvaged in a dumpster dive!

  9. The clock. THE CLOCK. So cool! Such a shame about the lack of interest in salvaging some of these items. :(