Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oh The Perils of Wearing Vintage Shoes.

So yesterday was the interview (as mentioned in previous  post). I was far too cocky when it came to an outfit. I waited until Tuesday night to press the trousers and blouse I planned to wear. Himself asked 'You are going to try those on before tomorrow morning aren't you?' as he put on his shoes 'I have visions of you dashing into Next on the way to the station tomorrow morning' said he as he headed out of the front door.
Hmm thought I, I suppose I should.......
Yes you've guessed it, all the comfort eating of late has taken it's just but terrible toll, said trousers would not do up.
*please insert your favourite expletives here and imagine me using them repeatedly* 

One hour of panic and clothing armagedon later, plans 'B' and 'C' were assembled. Plan B was a lovely black and white 50's style floral frock, with a purple cardigan and my wonderous purple Clarks shoes.
Plan C was a pair of wide legged pinstriped trousers and a cute little teal blouse. In the end I decided that plan B was to formal and went for plan C.
As I had a 10 minute walk each way between buildings for a tour of the potential new work place and the interview, I plumped for wearing a pair of 1970's black suede platform shoes which I adore, that are very comfortable to walk in.

I had a lovely walk to the station.

More beautiful things to brighten my day.

I had to go into work for an hour and a half beforehand and in that time got told by one of the agency staff  I reminded him of a tealady!?! I hoped that was because I was pushing a trolley at the time and not because of what I was wearing! Not a good start.

So I headed out into the sunshine and arrived for my tour 5 minutes early. I was asked to take a seat and thought I overheard the girl on the phone say 'Gill is here for her tour' then thought no I must have misheard but.
'Hi Gill, I'm Marion follow me' said the lady who came to collect me and breezed off chatting nonstop as we went. She was lovely and the tour was eye openning to say the least, but my name is not Gill........ Oh dear.
Back outside in my vintage sunnies I enjoyed walking back to the personnel department for my interview. I didn't notcie anything wrong as I walked but when I sat waiting to be collected I looked down and *HORRORS*, the soles of my gorgeous, gorgoeus plaforms had split!!!!

Hence the title of the post. The platform soles are/were made of rubber and had obviously simply perished with age. They were literally crumbling away as I looked at them 'SHiiiiiiiT', I wasn't even sure I would be able to walk across the  room to my interview without a big lump falling off! Thankfully they did hold out and I don't *think* anyone noticed. I had to spend the rest of the morning at work in my steel toe caps which as you can imagined looked sensational with my interview garb! ( I bet you don't see tealadies in steelies!)
I also had to go home in them which we are not meant to do, but as I am the Health and Safety Rep I guess I can turn a blind eye on myself lol.

The rest of the afternoon I spent at my parents house helping my Mum and her ladies sort clothes for their Age Concern nearly new sale. I think I earned much respect for my apparently limitless knowledge of clothing brands & labels, old and new. I even surprised myself  lol.
Oh and for managing to not only stay in the room, but to also sort through the eyewateringly, throat gaggingly smelly contents of one donated suitcase. I have to say that is one smell I never, ever want to smell again.... ever!

Oh and I didn't get the job, which on the whole I am actually relieved about. Though I am still heartbroken, HEARTBROKEN and mourning the loss of my shoes.


  1. I have mourned many a shoe so I know how you feeling - i did also have a chuckle over the smelly suitcase I wish you a speedy recovery from the smell memory :o) Scarlett x

  2. Oh dear (wipes tear from her eye) that is a classic interview disaster. In all seriousness I'm sorry it went wrong and commiserations on your shoes, but you did get a funny post out of it. Is there any chance a cobbler could resurrect your shoes? You never know, it's worth asking...

  3. He he this made me laugh! Gutted your shoes literally fell apart, but at least you had some reserves at work!
    I know the feeling going for an interview and you already decide you don't want it - even before the interview starts!
    Better luck next time (with the shoes & job hunt!)

  4. Could the bottom of the sole be ground back to the leather, and a new rubber sole applied to just the front, if they're heeled? If there's a non-chainstore cobbler near you they should be able to do it.

    I hope you get the job, and that you told them you're not Gill ;)

  5. Oh your poor poor shoes. I have had similar mishaps, you do have to be gentle with them! xx

  6. Oh poppet. RIP Platforms of the 70's.

  7. As soon as you started with the bit about 'trousers not fitting' I just knew, KNEW it was gonna get worse. Sorry that you didn't get the job ~ even if deep down you did not want it, it's still a kick in the teeth. Maybe something can be done with the shoes if you took them to a nice old fashioned cobbler. Have a lovely weekend xx

  8. Oh, poor shoes! And what a day for them to go wrong. With any luck, that means everything else that day will have gone right for you.

  9. Oh sorry to hear that you didn't get the job. Your poor shoes too!

    Cripes, that suitcase sounds horrific!