Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bloggy Swap and Random Things

On Thursday I received my Bloggy Swap parcel from Vintage Vicki. As some of you know the  lovely Lakota of Faith Hope and Charity Shopping came up with the great idea of a charity/thrift shop blog swap, judging from other peoples pictures, so far it has been a raging success and I'm thrilled to say Vicki's parcel was another winner.
                               Purple and green two of my favourtie colours

I couldn't and didn't wait to shred into them!


You  can't really see the lovely glass bead necklace Vicki got (one gift had to be a piece of jewellery)so here is a close up
                               Again green and purple = perfect :-)

How about this fab little bag of sewing booty? The egg cup pincushion is the star of the swap by far!
  Sorry crocheted bunting, picture frame and china elephant but the egg cup wins it.

                                                 Thank you so much Vicki.

Other than that it has been a week of highs and lows. Work has been busy in terms of all the clearing out we have had to be doing and Friday was my last day at 'my' desk. As you know I have worked in that building for 23 years so it was tough and I am a sentimental creature which doesn't help. Luckily for me Soo was on hand and met me after work for food, drinkies and belated birthday gifts. (I do love spreading my birthday out)
We sat outside at Prezzo in the castle complex in Oxford and ate yummy pasta followed by dessert, something I don't normally do, but just sometimes only something sweet will do and I'm pleased to say my vanilla panacotta hit the spot. God bless my ever expanding waistline! 
Then the heavens decided to open on us so we retreated to the pub where I don't think I paused to draw breath all evening, nothing like putting the world to rights over a large glass of wine. Thank you dear Soo for being such a fantastic friend, for listening and for spoiling me rotten. x
I had to share this with you, we spotted it on one of our charity shopoing sprees and Soo whisked it from my hands and insisted on buying for me for my birthday before I could hot foot it to the till. I know it's pink but there are shades of pink and shades of pink and this is one of the shades I allow, also it's just so fantastic that I don't care.
                                                     Cat Straw Bag!
Also no birthday is complete without an elephant and here is a doorstop one.

On Wednesday we went to see Harry Potter. I loved it, and yes I shed a tear or six in the scene with his parents. I do recommend it but don't bother with the 3D it doesn't add to the film at all.
We went to the 5.30 showing which meant I had time to kill before and of course I ended up browsing the shops. I came away with this pair of black leather wedges from Clarks.
                   Reduced from £49.99 to £14.99 at that price it would have been rude not too!

Also on Wednesday my Mum drove into Oxford to meet me at work and pick up the little metal cabinet I had been given permission to take home. Mind that was not without incident as I managed to tip it up the wrong way and deposit all 12 drawers all over the pavement whilst cars honked impatient horns behind us!?!
                                                     Saved from the skip.

It needs a good clean and then I plan to store all of my buttons, ribbons and sewing stuff in it.
I also salvaged a whole load of vintage glass baubles which suddenly turned up in the rubbish area from lord only knows where.

and finally this beautiful shawl was also about to go in a binbag too, so I whisked it into my bag instead!

Next week I have two job interviews and also hope to hear about a third one I applied for. Fingers crossed. Now I just have to figure out what to wear.........................


  1. Well done on your items 'recycled' from work; I can't believe that otherwise they would have all been chucked into a skip - what a waste! Well, their loss is now your gain!

    Good luck for next week, too!

  2. I'm so glad you've rescued some of those fab pieces that were destined for the skip.
    Vicki's done you proud! x

  3. Lovely swap, also well done on the skip rescues :o) Scarlett x

  4. Bless you with the metal cabinet story ;-)) Great storage idea though. Lovely blog swap enjoy all your lovely goodies and lovely finds, that elephant is a cutie. Good luck at the interviews, dee x

  5. hi there, i am your newest follower - i love the dog heart you sent to vicki and wondered if you sell them xx

  6. Lovely swap parcel and wonderful items saved from the skip ... :0)

  7. Well salvaged! And well done on your bargain Clarks. I am a big fan too :))

  8. Found your sweet blog today through Vintage Vicki and wanted to say hi!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!