Saturday 16 July 2011

The End is Nigh-er than I Thought!

This week was meant to be a bit easier at work as our book ordering system is down and I had planned out a leisurely schedule of sorting out and packing up of my 22 years worth of 'stuff', plus a bit of illicit computer browsing. Typically the powers that be moved the goal posts. 4.30pm Tuesday they announced we had to be packed up and out by this Friday at 5pm rather than next week!?! SHIIIIT
 Cue lots of manic hard work, plus trying to fit in sorting my personal 'stuff' out and the lugging home of many heavy bags each night on the train. I have ceratinly given my biceps a good workout this week.
Yesterday my collegues and I trawled through double checking everything was collected up and ended up rooting through the 'rubbish' that had been left by other departments. We all came away with much booty (me literally as I found a brand new pair of Dunlop wellies in my size = result)  Suddenly I had even more bags to carry home. If I thought my sitting room was a mess last week it's nothing on what it looks like right now!

I could go into the rant that I have been having all week about the disgusting shameful waste that is going on but I won't. Your poor ears don't deserve it anymore than any of the other poor people I have raged at this week already. I'm choked up, trying not to think about it all too much. If I knew it was going to be a sympathetic restoration it wouldn't break my heart so much, but it isn't so it's very, very hard to see things being ripped out and destroyed forever. 
I can't bear to think of these wonderful bookcases being smashed up and ending up like the picture above can you?
This says it all really.

Anyway enough of that, there have been good things this week too. On Thursday I got word I have a job interview on the 25th, followed by news of another possible job opportunity, which I should hear more on next week so fingers crossed. Onwards and Upwards.
I shall share a picture with you of the cakes I made to take into work for the combination of cake thursday and my birthday this weekend.
                                                            Cosmic rainbow cakes!

They were yummy even if I say so myself. We also have tickets to see Phil Jupitas on the 26th, yay.
This morning Himself announced it to be my birthday weekend and therefore I was to do nothing. So far I have spent it doing precisely that, other than eating that is. I have no other plans which I'm very happy about, I've been so busy lately it's actually lovely to do absolutely bugger all.
Anyway for a birthday treat to myself I have Monday off work and shall be indulging myself at the the Glamour of the Gods Exhibition in London. Happy days.


  1. I love the cake - how on earth did you manage to get all those colours without it going into a big sloshy mess... Such a shame about those shelves what a waste of hundreds of trees that died so they could be constructed.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy and oh happy birthday....
    Beverley xx

  2. So sad about the lovely period fixtures and fittings being destroyed :( Must be a difficult time for you with the job loss too. Fingers crossed for more positive times ahead. Happy birthday too :))

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you're enjoying your weekend and eating lots of cosmic cake (that does sound dodgy!.

    P.S. Good luck for the job front too.

  4. I've got it - you must work in the library at Hogwarts! So sorry its all being dismantled, and I hope you get some more 'booty'.

    Good luck with your interview xxx

  5. Oh gosh such a blumming waste, I hate waste! Glad you have a interview though good luck!

  6. How I hate waste cant they sell things or at least offer it to be taken away?I do love that Silent Please sign ( I need one here) tell me you took it home please??
    Well done on the wellies score.xx

  7. How sad this is and what a waste. Actually, there's an awful lot going to waste in the series of cutbacks, including people and their considerable talents. It's disgraceful.
    Did you take the sign home?
    Best of luck with the interview and Happy Birthday!xxxx

  8. I hate waste, I'd be tempted to take the whole lot home with me.
    Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy Phil! x

  9. Happy Birthday! I also wish you best of luck with the interview. Its such a shame about all the stuff they are throwing away :( Scarlett x