Friday 8 July 2011

Like a Candle in the Wind

Not a candle in the wind mind, just LIKE a candle in the wind....Goodbye Norma Jean and Hello..... Maralyn.

I was beside myself, literally beside myself with excitement when I heard about the new Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

Glamour of the Gods Hollywood Portraits.

 An exhibition of pictures from the John Kobel collection. As I have said before, back in the day when I still lived at home and had no responsibilities and lots of spare cash I collected Hollywood movie stills and a fair few of the wonderful black and white print copies I have are from the Kobel collection. Today as the online ordering system had died at work I decided to research the exhibition online with a view to visiting it. I came across the below review on I wasn't sure whether to weep or batter my head repeatedly against the wall, words fail me.


'Put together from the archive of the John Kobal Foundation, this exhibition features over 70 photographs of many of Hollywood’s best known actors and actresses. It spans over four decades, 20´s to 50´s, ranging from film icons such as Charlie Chaplin to the London born actress Joan Collins.

As the title states, there certainly is no lack of glamour to the show, with Joan Collins, jewellery and large hair in accompaniment, actually opening the exhibition. Audrey Hepburn, Maralyn Munroe, and many others involved in this world of dazzle, all strike a pose for the camera, in what is for the most part a generic affair. Indeed, you may feel as though you have seen it all before; such is the nature of Hollywood photography. The lighting, more than often, is largely false and the picture highly contrived. But is that not part of the fun with classic Hollywood?

If anything, the photographs will bring you back to an era that might seem something of a long lost relic to us now; one where long filters, overly stretched eye-lashes and excess were all something to strive towards. The chronological dividing into decades of the exhibition also means that it would be possible to attempt to compare and contrast the different periods of Hollywood, perhaps taking into account external factors such as World War II. However, the leitmotif of the exhibition, based upon an industry that was so intent on keeping its image firmly entrenched in prestige, renders the task quasi impossible. There is, in many ways, a sense that these ‘Gods’ were somewhat untouchable'.

I was going to highlight the cause of my distress but I really don't need to do I? Good Grief......

 On a happier note I will be taking myself of to London Town to visit on Monday 18th July. I had the day off work anyway and what better way to spend it? Anyone else free that day?

Sorry for a week of radio silence by the way, week from beyond hell at work and kind of busy with things at home too. Currently typing away on the mother in law's computer whilst we housesit for the weekend in sunny Margate. (I'm not taking the piss either, it is lovely here and hideous wet and windy in Oxford.) I will be posting on Monday with the thrills and spills of my awful week and whatever I just might get up to this weekend. Bearing in mind I have already been to the pub and tomorrow is a day of girlie madness with my sister and our dear friend Kay there's bound to be stuff! Also I have taken a leaf out of Helga's book and have only brought dresses with me, seriously there is nary a t-shirt or jean in sight. I hope Helga will be proud......


  1. Blimey at the review! Hope you have a fabulous weekend :o) Scarlett x

  2. Joan fecking Collins!!!
    WOW,I love her.Sounds awesome,blossom,and hurrah for frock exclusivity!! Bless!

  3. Pete and I are hoping to catch that exhibition when we're on London in August - it does look super. There are some of the photos over at the BBC website.

    (I haven't worn jeans for about 18 years, and it's not that difficult to ditch the denim. I even go hiking in tweed trousers. Good luck with getting out from under the tyranny of jeans!)

  4. Oh for a return of overly stretched eyelashes and excesses rather than the hoards of women who slob around my town centre in baggy jeans, fake Uggs and hair in dire need of a wash.
    Hoorah for enforced frockery. x