Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shopping, the Good, the Bad, the Vintage, the Kitsch and the Mistake?

So the no shopping rule has gone out the window lately. I have been hitting the sales, there is no excuse old habits die hard I guess. Bad I know and I'm kind of dreading the creditcard bill at the end of the month. I haven't gone mental but I know I shouldn't have been shopping at all really. I did incredibly well last month too......ah well.
The Good:

Sale shoes. One pair £6 and one pair £3. A shirt from the charity shop and some accessory goodies, all less than £2.

The Bad:
The Oasis dress I bought in Reading just looked awful on so I returned it. Typically I left it too late and could only exchange rather than refund but lucky me the Oxford store had a much better choice and I got this lovely navy blue skating style dress. This time I tried it on before I bought!
The other two bads I bought on Sunday and returned them the next day for a refund.

The Kitsch:
He made me laugh and I knew he would be perfect for the cotton buds in the bathroom. Himself, however  was not so convinced, but here he is in situ in the bathroom. :-)

The Vintage:

I'm not sure if I will keep this skirt or sell it, It has so much fabric in the skirt and a good swing to it, so I will try it on with my crinoline underneth and then decide. It is very unusual and I'm guessing came from Austria or Germany judging by the label. It was the ducks that caught my eye.

Finally The Possible Mistake:

It have no idea why I bought it really except it was £1 in the charity shop, it's not my colour, it's not my style but it was £1. I haven't tried it on yet, I sort of can't bring myself too, who knows I may be surprised but somehow I doubt it lol.


  1. I think the blue dress has a lot of potential! It seems like it needs some sort of non-blue accessory or trim but I think you could make it work. You could always chop it up and do some really amazing color blocking like the peasant dress here:

  2. Oh yes, I like the last blue dress too. That blue is not my colour either but I bought two blue tops (similar to that blue) at a jumble sale recently and actually love them. So, you never know....

  3. I really like that blue dress. I reckon you should give it a try, like Loo wrote, you never know...