Friday, 1 July 2011

Ted's Adventures in Oxford.

Some of you may have noticed the 'Ted has visited' feature on my blog, basically it is there because he just has!
He left me today to travel on to Norfolk for more fun and excitement.
He has been a busy bear travelling round the U.K raising money for Macmillian's Cancer Research and has stayed with a many other bloggers on his way. I think it is a fantastic idea and was more than happy to be his host for a week and show him the sights of Oxford.
 As I was at work when he arrived he got to spend the morning with my lovely neighbour Doug.
After a quick cup of tea he helped me in the garden before tea and an early night, ready for work the next day. he kindly offered to help me out at the library.
 Signing in in the morning

Fetching some reader's requests. Climbing shelves is against the rules Ted!

 A bit of sightseeing round Oxford at lunchtime and a sneaky beer at the Turf.
 Over to the old library for evening duty.
 A sneaky picture in Duke Humfrey's (the library in Harry Potter for all you film fans) Photos are strictly forbidden here! oopps.
 Quick picture on the stairs where he stopped for a breather, there are a LOT of stairs!
 In the Upper Reading Room ready for work.

 Filling out his work form and giving a reader their books.
 It started to rain so windows had to be closed!
With work finally over it was time to head home. The trains were delayed Grrr.
FINALLY on the train home tired and starving.
 Just what the doctor ordered!


  1. Good to see my pal Ted out and about - I'm sure he loved Oxford and getting to see places tourists never see. Hope he left some wine for you! xxx

  2. Cute post! I loved the picture at the end with Ted and his glass of wine!

  3. Poor old bear, goes to visit you and has to work his furry socks off for a day ;)

  4. Lol, love the comments. Good to see Ted has been helping you out. Looks as if he is having a good time in Oxford, and yes he's very fond of tea and chocolate!

  5. Wow! Ted has been super-busy in Oxford - he definitely deserved that large glass of wine!