Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Bletchley Park Anecdote.

I will be doing a proper full blog post shortly but I wanted to share this whilst I thought of it because I found it amusing.

My parents went on a pensioners coach trip to Bletchley Park a couple of weeks ago. They were taken on an organised tour with a guide who explained the history and various aspects of the work done there as they went round. He was deeply involved in explaining how one of the machines worked when one of the ladies in the party started to tut and in the end burst out with 'No, no you don't do it like that!'
The guide was apparently not at all impressed with being interrupted and started to say 'I think you will find madam that....' when she interrupted again 'No, you don't do it like that, you do it like this' and proceeded to demonstrate!

At which point her husband said 'How do you know how to do that' to which she snapped back
'because I used to work here, on these machines,and so I know that is not how you do it'
Her husband then exclaimed 'YOU used to work at Bletchley Park?'
to which she replied 'Yes I did'
He then said in outraged tones 'Well you never told me!'
to which she calmly replied 'No I never did'
He then said 'But I used to work here too!'

Turns out they both took their vow of secrecy very seriously!


  1. Oh that's wonderful. That's quite made my evening!xxx

  2. Hehe what a sweet and quite frankly amazing story, I certainly could never have kept a secret for that long!!!

  3. Oh my, how funny, what a lovely story!

  4. That's made my morning! How funny! xxx


  6. wonder what else they haven't told each other