Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pigs, Parrots and an Epic Shoe Fail.

It's the August Bank Holiday weekend and that can only mean one thing (other than a precious extra day off work!) Stonor Park craft fair.

Himself does not do craft fairs and disappeared off to Kent for a party. So I took myself off to stay with my parents and be fed to within a very inch of my existence by my Mother. Seriously my poor stomach, I don't think I will ever feel hungry again ever!

The craft fair was as huge and as good as ever. I spent some but not all of my pennies (every Friday I put £1 aside for Stonor and any I don't spend goes back into the fund for the next year)

You may recall last year I bought an iron warthog for my garden, Nephew Number One named him Pumba after the one in 'The Lion King'. Well it now seems that Pumba is actually a she not a he.

 I'm going to have to think of a new place in the garden to display Mama and babies :-)

How amazing are these giraffes? and no I didn't come home with one, it would take a hella lot of Friday one pounds to afford one of them!

I also fell in love with this bracelet. It's very kitsch which is very me, so I tried it on and refused to take it off! (I did pay for it)


Other than that I bought this bird and flower jug and ceramic hanging cat.

We had lunch and watched some of a 'birds of prey' display which was funnier than it was meant to be because the hawk took off and headed straight for the hog roast!

The show ground and indeed Stonor Park itself is in a dip in the Chiltern Hills so you can get some amazing skies as weather fronts move in and boy was one moving in. Inevitably It went from this dramatic sky

to torrential rain!     

None of us had coats so after half an hour of sheltering and no let up we decided to call it a day and head for the car. Much nicer to sit inside with a big mug of tea with welsh cakes and fresh strawberries whilst the storm raged thunder and lightening outside.

I got home to a package. A bag I won on Ebay for the princely sum of £3.73 including postage. I can't even remember how I came across it but I just loved it. I did have that panic after I won it that it was going to arrive and be hideous, you know beads, sequins etc and I'm sure some people here will think it is hideous but I like it.

I shall finish up with my epic shoe fail. I am looking for two things right now. A pair of black ballet type pumps for work and a new pair of black riding style boots after my beloved pair fell to bits on my feet, literally. *weeps*

I saw that Office had a sale on (you know where this is going don't you?) I went on the website to have a look, and I did find a pair of boots I liked, but sadly they were sold out. Instead I somehow ended up with these......

None of them are black, and none of them are boots but they did come in under £50 for all of them!

Hibiscus pattern Converse, cherries, anchors what's not to like?

Full price they would have cost me £186 (I love working out what I would have spent if I had paid full price) but I have still spent £50 that was meant to be for winter boots on frivolous shoes so that is a fail on my part.


  1. Chipmtasic's fab. As is the parrot bag. I know what you mean, it could have gone either way, but it's lovely. Not a fail at all. They're all too lovely not to have and a bargainous pair of black boots will doubtless come your way!

  2. I love that bag, I've a pair of parrot earrings which are mad but always make me smile when I wear them! Love the warthogs and that monkey bracelet and stop trying to tempt me to check out the Office sale, I really need to save money! x

  3. I refuse to head to the office sale. I do, refuse, honestly. I love the bag, it reminds of a dress that I made for myself in the 80's. Parrots always make people smile don't they? Stoner sounds great and what a nice idea to save £1 a week for it. I bet that makes it more enjoyable.

  4. I love your shoe purchases! I just hot-tailed it over to the Office website but alas, nothing as nice and cheap available in my size. However, did spy some black boots for £70 that I have a bit of shoe-lust for. I have tried on so many boots these last few weeks and they've all been too uncomfortable or overpriced, or both!

    Miss P xx

  5. Hehe, the hog roast story made me giggle! I have visions of the bird managing to take it and then dropping it on unsuspecting people below!

  6. The chimpy bracelet is most excellent.

    Shoes are always useful, and those look like the sort that will get worn regularly. You'll wear them out eventually!

  7. aahh it looks like you had a great time ;-)) Those shoes are lush i love the blue and white ones with the cherrys on ;-)) dee x

  8. the baby ogs are adorable! Monkeys - bananas - guns?! That's the most amazing bracelet ever! The shoes are all fantastic, you're as bad as me for spending on things you really don't need!