Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hedge Madness!

This morning I nearly got run over.

I was heading to the station in my usual half awake state when my eye caught something over the roof of a parked van that made me jump out of my skin!
For a moment I thought it was a body flung in a hedge, I was so busy trying to get my poor morning addled brain to translate what my eyes were seeing I didn't see the car until it was pretty much upon me. Luckily I was able to leap out of the way and somewhat shaken continued on my way.

This is what I saw, apologies for the crap phone camera shot.

I couldn't see the horse at first because the van was in the way.

I'm assuming it is some manner of Olympic celebration?  At least this one makes sense!

The one that appeared in another hedge at the bottom of the road is just bizarre.....

 I *think* it's a swimmer? I might take my proper camera tomorrow and use the zoom to try and figure it out


  1. Weird! What out for hurdlers/divers and maybe a beach volleyballer or two!!

  2. It's very odd, but how nice to see something so fun.

  3. That's brilliant - I want one! (Glad you weren't run over though!)

    Of course you've got the shark-in-the-roof at Headington too - Oxford is full of jokers! Fab! xxx

  4. hahaha! that's so bizarre but I love it, thank God you didn't get squished though

  5. That is fantastic! Almost worth risking death to capture it. xxx

  6. Glad you dodged the car and was able to share. What fun. We need a bit more of that in the world