Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sleep all Day, Party all Night, Never Grow Old.

Before I start I did take my camera with me the other morning and it would appear the second figure in a hedge is indeed a swimmer!

People are Strange as Echo and the Bunnymen would say. Which leads me neatly on to today's post.

Last night was Lost Boys night! Oh Yes.

It could of all gone horribly wrong as not only was I on the phone to Vodafone for an age trying to sort out my new contract so we missed the earlier train. When we got to the station the next one was delayed, eek!!! AND Himself had forgotten the map to the venue (thankfully he remembered the tickets just as we were heading out of the door!?!)
Apparently I was just as at fault for forgetting the map as I was just as capable of picking it up off the table as him.
However as I didn't even know he had printed out a map let alone left it on the table I choose to disagree!
Anyway we finally got to Reading and found the venue no problem as we both had a general idea of where it was.
                                  The beautiful setting of Caversham Court Gardens. 

It was all very informal when we got in, so we went to the bar and bought a bottle of very reasonably priced and actually very good Pinot Grigio and chose some deckchairs.

The film wasn't due to start until 9pm so we just chilled and took in the beautiful setting as we were right next to the river. Over the other side of which there happened to be a funfair in full swing which was quite bizarre really when you think how heavily a funfair features in the film!

As dusk fell there were also little bats flitting about which was pretty awesome too.

It was a sold out event and sod's law meant we ended up sitting next to a group of 3 numbnecks who smoked continuously despite the No Smoking announcement and talked 19 to the dozen at the top of their particularly braying voices.

The film started and they continued to guffaw and bleat loudly on and on and on. Grrrr
In the end in my best stern librarian/barely contained psychotic killer voice I informed the one sitting next to me that I had actually paid to come and watch the film and NOT listen to him talk. They shut up for about 5 minutes and then started up again in loud stage whispers. Thankfully about a third of the way into the film they seemed to pick up on the fact that if they didn't either shut up or move they were about to get lynched by all around them and got up and left. So finally we got to settle back enjoy the rest of the film in peace.

What can I say? I loved it!

 At the end of the day it's not a great film by any means, and most of the people in it either can't really act or are hampered with terrible dialogue, but it's one of those films where these facts actually don't matter one little bit. The humour holds up well and despite the 80's fashions they still look painfully cool. I was one very happy bunny.

Oh and Himself made this for me....
Twilight schmilight!


  1. WOW! That looks amazing!! One of my all time fave films and love the soundtrack too :) I still say to my other half when we have Chinese - "They're only noodles, Michael" ha ha!

  2. Glad you had a brilliant time, shame about the tossers smoking and yakking through the show! xxx

  3. I love The Lost Boys! I once saw a film where the person next to me was whispering to the person he was with what happened next throughout. I'm glad you had a good time regardless of those people.

  4. I can't fully remember the details of the film,but I do recall loving it! Twilight is a load of shit;vegetarian vamps?!
    Sounds like a fab experience!!
    I hate people who are noisy during films.A quick slap upside the head does wonders!

  5. Ahhh what a lovely evening and setting to watch a film. You both looked so lovely ;-)) dee x

  6. Argh well done for telling off the noisy wankers, glad they didn't spoil it too much.

  7. Excellent.I love special showings like this and I have such a soft spot for this film, and always a spot on my sofa for Kiefer.
    Well done you...tossers like this get away with it because people don't speak up. I remember giving some bloke a bollocking at a Halloween screeening of Carrie years ago because he was telling his mate what was going to happen next. Drives me nuts.
    Love that pjoto of you both.

  8. I adore outdoor movie showings! There's a small beach blanket film fest (not a real film fest, just a night of movies shown on a big screen down at the beach) here each summer that's just magical most of the time (especially if it's a gorgeous night and you can get a good spot).

    ♥ Jessica