Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Birmingham or Bust.

It's not like me to be late to the party but my purchases were in the wash and I had garden furniture to paint so no excited blog from me until today I'm afraid.
Here it is my take on the fab day out that was Saturday in Birmingham.

Like Curtise for some reason I thought it would be a very good idea to go out drinking on Friday night, and Thursday too night come to that.(very naughty)

It was a great night out, catching up with friends I haven't seen for far too long, but a Stone the Crows and a few Village Idiots later and it was long past my 'I'll just have a quick drink and head off home as I have to get up early in the morning' plan.

That alarm clock was a painful noise I can tell you, but it was a beautiful day dawning as I headed to the station.

I had a bit of a wait at Oxford station where for some reason best known to themselves they had left the waiting room doors wedged open! That combined with my nerves and the fierce air con on the train to Birmingham meant I was freezing by the time I arrived.
I know it sounds a terrible cliche but as soon as I spotted Vix and she turned and smiled I knew it was going to be fine and my nerves disappeared.

We meet Liz and Curtise at the station before grabbing a very welcome cup of tea until Fiona arrived.

Then it was time to shop!

First stop the Rag Market, I was walking round open mouthed. I haven't seen an indoor market like that in years and certainly not one of that size, it was great.

Next stop 91 Allison Street. What a bloody amazing shop!

Vix said I would be amazed at the prices and she wasn't wrong.
There was a lovely long purple evening frock but I knew I wouldn't get the wear out of it so I left it behind. I did buy a dress, a blouse, a bag and 2 scarves for £18, that's right EIGHTEEN QUID amazing.

It seems I was have a polka dot kind of day.

Next came lunch at Hennessey's where the very lovely Pippi joined us.

The chips like the company were fantastic.

Re-fueled it was on to Cow where I had frightening flashbacks to my clubbing days amongst all the 80's and 90's clothing. Mind it could just have been the fact some of the rails are suspended from the ceilling and moved just enough and in such a way it made you think the floor was coming and going....ok I think that was just me. *leaves feeling seasick*

Next was the amazing Urban Village at The Custard Factory I tried on 5 dresses including another glorious purple one, but it was not my day for buying a purple frock and I left them all behind for various reasons, too tight, too big, too small, too pink, you know the usual.

Oh what a shop! I found not one, but two, gorgeous but not quite right frocks.
It seems I am doomed to find stunning green evening dresses priced at exactly £58 that for various reasons I can't justify buying,


 can't stop thinking about. *sigh*

Time for a well earned pub break and a nostalgia trip into the 70's thanks to the random music on the jukebox.
All to soon it was time to head back to the station.
I was the last to leave and bless her Vix stayed with me for company which meant she didn't get home for ages due to cancelled trains.

As we waited I thought I'd pulled a drunken football fan, but it turned out he only wanted me to watch his beer whilst he went for a pee!
Once back from that he decided Vix was too brightly dressed and that he was very glad I wasn't his wife as I had too much shopping. Happily I was very glad not to be his wife too so we parted on good terms.
Yes there had been football on my train was packed and when I say packed, I mean PACKED with football fans. On top of that the toilet in our carriage was the only working one on the train, it made for a lively but very long journey home.

I had such a great day and I know Curtise said it in her blog, but being out with Vix really is like being out with a rather lovely celebrity.
People starred, but in a good way, they smiled, they took pictures and they recognised her from her blog. It was magic. 


  1. What a fab write up! I'm amazed with how much you got for £18 and to think, some misguided fools think vintage shops are expensive. It was absolutely brilliant to meet you, we had an absolute riot and I hope you'll be making the return trip up to Brum very soon.
    The drunken footie fan was hilarious. He thought we were on a date at first, didn't he? Hahaha! xxxxxx

  2. I am literally seething with envy!
    What a great day!!! I adore that bag and SO wish I could join you all...I'd also be having a hangover, but we'd have hair o' the dog and be allllriiiiight! XXX

  3. It WAS magic, wasn't it? It was a delight to meet you, Gisela, I really enjoyed the day. I still can't believe you bought so much from Sue's shop for £18, that's cheaper than lots of chazzas. And such lovely things too. Those dresses in Gingermeg's were stunning, but if they're not right, they're not right, and have to be left behind...
    Blogger meet-ups are fab, let's do it again! Perhaps we should have a fancy dress theme next time... Come as your favourite 1970s pop act - Gary Numan for you, love! Xxxxx

  4. That sounds brilliant. I've been planning a trip to Brum, but you've convinced me it's a Good Thing! That little wicker bag is lovely.

  5. That classic wicker purse is simply marvelous. I could happily use it (or rather, one like it - that beauty is yours, lucky lady!) as my only handbag from April to September. Swoon! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. It was a good day wasn't it ? The Allison St shop has to be the most inexpensive vintage store I've been to, shame it's so far away. Maybe a return trip sometime?
    I bumped into some pissed footie fans at Euston or should I say they bumped into me. Weaving all over the platform they were! It was lovely meeting you Gisela,

  7. Ooooh vintage retail therapy, it can't be beaten can it? Glad to read that you did well on the haul front for eighteen quid - bonus!

    P.S. I hate it too when I pass up a dress, and keep thinking that I should have brought it xx