Sunday, 20 October 2013

Paris, Murder and a Purple Dress.

It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks and sadly most of it has been for work. The last two weekends have also been taken up with work and I'd be lying if I said I didn't resent it.

Last weekend I was in Paris for less than 12 hours, how mental is that? No chance to sight see or visit any shops Grr.All work and no play makes this Jill a frustrated girl!
The plus points were traveling business, very comfortable and including a light lunch. Mind when it arrived you could see why it was described as 'light'
That little inch by inch and a half square was my salmon!
 Another was I was traveling with my colleague Paull again so I knew we would have a good laugh.

 We arrived with just enough time to set up our stand have a quick pee then it was noses to the grindstone, well I say that, in all honesty we spent a great deal of time twiddling our thumbs and chatting. Paris is NOT a good location for us. Thankfully we had managed to persuade work to let us stay the night rather than head straight home. That meant when the fair was over we could check in, get changed and head out for some delicious French cuisine.
We pounded the pavements in search of food and finally chose this Bistro.
It was packed and I'm not surprised, the food was amazing. Our waiter was hilarious and kept talking to us in a weird mix of English and French, dancing, singing and breaking glasses in an alarming manner.
My hotel room had a leopard print carpet which I loved
but it was also at the front of the hotel and right opposite 'The Best Nightclub in Paris'
so I had a crap night's sleep, if I'd had more sense I'd have gone across and joined in. Breakfast was amazing so that helped bolster me up for the journey home.

On to this Saturday when I was working again *sigh* Another early start at the weekend which I hate. This time it was London, and as always with London it was insanely busy. By 6pm I had a sore throat, a croaky voice and my feet were killing me.
I was meant to be going out to see a band play, but by the time I got home all I wanted was a huge glass of wine and bed!
What the hell happened to the party animal I used to be?

 At least this is my last fair for a little while, they wanted me to do Zurich on Tuesday as well!?!  Thankfully I already have other plans.

Himself and I did manage to get one date night in. We headed out to the New Theatre to see The Mousetrap. I really enjoyed it, though having seen it before meant that the suspense of 'who did it' was gone.
We had dinner beforehand and I wore my lovely purple Pearl Lowe dress.

  Talking of purple dresses, I picked up this little purple beauty on Ebay for a fiver, just right for winter don't you think?

I also couldn't resist this pair of sneakers, glittery snakeskin what's not to like?

Finally my parents popped in today and Mum brought me a couple of goodies from her latest White Elephant stall for Age Concern.
An enamel brooch of a sprig of lilac, an unusual vintage glass necklace

and finally
some white elephants!


  1. Well, if you can't get white elephants on a white elephant stall, then where can you?
    It sounds like a madly busy time. Travelling for work sounds good in theory, but must be rather frustrating in reality, as you say.
    Still, some good Parisian food, theatre, a couple of great purple frocks, lovely jewellery, and new glittery sneakers all more than make up for the hard graft! xxxx

  2. "Best night club in Paris since 2013" :D I salute their optimism (and their marketing department)!

    Sorry to hear you've had such a busy time of it, though. Work can have a habit of stultifying one's enjoyment of a great city but glad to see you managed the odd moment of rest and enjoyment too!

  3. You have been hard at it! Loving that Pearl Lowe dress and that necklace your Mum found you is bloody stunning! x

  4. Oooh Paris. Glad it wasn't all work and there was a bit of time to yerself and a leopard print carpet! Oh yuss. Rolling that up and getting it in the overnight bag would have been a step on from a shower cap and some coat hangers!!! Love that Pearl Lowe dress. It's stunning.

  5. Your new purple dress is ace. As is your Pearl Lowe one.

    I saw some real white elephants on holiday and thought of you!