Sunday, 9 October 2011

All Fur Coat and New Knickers.

Yesterday I took a long overdue trek to the charity shops with my girlfriends Soo, Melissa and Gillian. We had a great day out and all came back with bulging bags of goodies, though I far outstripped the girls when it came to buying and bulging bags ooops....

Oh how I wish I had thought to take my camera with me, for there were some strange and hideous sights to see, a pig in suspenders and false eyelashes anyone? no? how about a lovely picture of William and Harry from when Lady Diana died with a gushing dedication under it about how in their darkest hour they need the love of a nation? not convinced? No neither where we.
Soo and I were sniggering and trying to understand the point of a denim skirt so short the waistband was actually wider than the skirt part when a young lady whisked it from under our noses and stalked to the till with it. Even her boyfriend snarled 'why the f**k are you buying that?' Oh you've got to love the local townsfolk!
So see below my wonderous haul. (not including the couple of shirts I bought to cut up or the things I bought to list online!)
I liked this blouse, it was only £1, Himself frowned and said he'd have to see what it looked like on.
Lovely M&S purple cardigan. I got told off by the lady in the shop for buying this and ruining her planned Monday morning window display!
I was very excited to find this. I have been trying to buy an argyle tanktop for bloody weeks now on Ebay and they keep going for silly money bah. I even forgive this one for having pink on it, thankfully it's so pale it's hard to tell.
Two more headscarves for the collection. Fresh from the wash hence the horrible creasing.

Yellow crystal necklace.The clasp is dodgy so I'm going to figure out if I can do something else with it. Unlike my mother I will not cut it off until I have an alternative way of restringing the clasp!

                                                      6 teaplates in lovely condition.
I have to sneak these into the kitchen past Himself who does not understand why I keep buying plates. I do have a secret fear that one of these days the cupboard will fall off the wall if I keep putting more crockery into it........

And finally the item that gives this post it's title. Behold the latest coat to join my ever growing collection, a bargainous £9.99 and in perfect condition, it even had the spare button in the pocket. I needed another coat like a hole in the head but with even the old chap who was resting on a chair whilst his wife shopped telling me I had to buy it, how could I resist? I have no willpower at the best of times and when it involves a lovely coat at a bargain price there is no hope......
  I was going to take a picture of myself in it but as I feel, and look, as rough as a badger's arse this morning you will have to make do with the good old 'hanger' shot.
It's super warm and I'm sure I'm going to wear it loads this winter so there is bound to be a picture at some point. The reaction of Himself was to frown and say 'I'm not convinced'.
Men couldn't you just sometimes??

So on to the knickers part of the post. I had an email from M&S this week.'We have a sale on' it said, 'bollocks' thought I, for I cannot resist the siren call of a bargain and besides I needed some new undies. I bought a bra in the sale, and a pair of trousers that I took back the next day. I also got some knickers 4 for £5 in various shades of purple, lovely.

I got to pondering whether there comes a certain age in a girl's life, or perhaps a certain width of derriere that makes her eye stray from the lightweight wisps of lace to something a little more, well, substantial? I will state for the record I have never been a thong girl, just never seen the point of spending the day wearing something so damned uncomfortable.
However I have found lately that my usual choice of 'mini brief' just doesn't seem to provide what I want from my undies anymore, and whilst I still shudder at the humongous granny-esque 'full' pants. I am drifting away from my usual 'mini'. Thankfully M&S provide the answer in 'boy shorts' I have definitely become a fan of the boy short!

Anyway whilst I was in Marks I succombed to buying a pair of shoes. I first saw them when I breezed through the shoe department a couple of months ago, it was love at first sight but I couldn't afford them at the time. I saw them again when we were in Bournmouth but again financially the time was wrong. This time there was only one pair left in my size and I had just been paid. Third time lucky I guess.
Suede brogues! I thought they were navy blue at first but in actually fact they are violet. They are blissfully comfortable so I'm hoping my poor battered tootsies are going to forgive me for all their recent abuse.

Finally on the subject of shoes. A bit of sideways browsing on Ebay the other day turned up these vintage beauties that go with the bag I bought in Edinburgh rather nicely. :-)

 They need a clean and the heels need a little attention but they were less than £6 including postage so a definite bargain.  



  1. Great finds! Love the scarves - such great colours!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. YOu sure did good with your hunting.That bag and shoes at bottom are very nice.

  3. What finds! At least you have a kitchen to put your crockery in- I keep on buying the stuff and I still live at home! Well one day I shall have my very own kitchen- nothing like being prepared ,eh! T x

  4. Fabulous finds! The croc Mary-Jane's and Kelly bag are wonderful and the red, white and blue scarf is gorgeous and of course, you can't go wrong with a fake fur coat despite what your bloke says. x

  5. wow! What a haul! You did good. Love your bargian fur coat, and the tea plates. I have been banned from buying more plates by OH as our shelves are sagging! oops ;P

  6. LOVING the heels in the last picture!

  7. Oh My everything is amazing, loving the shoes esp and I adore that fur coat - beautiful! Looks like the thrift gods were with you even though you did ruin the CS window display ;o) Scarlett x