Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tintin and Chocolate Treats.

Ahh Sunday morning the guarenteed time I get to take over the computer and do things like blog because Himself is still fast asleep upstairs.
I've had a unintentionally busy week this week, work has been quiet and home has been a veritable whirl.

We went to see Tintin for free on Wednesday (good old Orange Wednesday!). We both loved it. I read the books avidly as a child so was pretty excited to go, Himself read 2 Tintin books as a child and didn't like them, I know what can I say? he's nuts!
I always loved Snowy best and he pretty much steals the film, if it wasn't for Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock that is. Great stuff, I highly recommend it.
 I wore my bargainous £1 blouse, I love it, even if I did have to keep flinging the pussy bow over my shoulder when I was eating my dinner! Note to self : do not cook soup for dinner again when wearing said blouse.
                                     See I can smile in a picture if I try hard enough

Thursday night I spent pretty much the whole evening watching the BBC I-Player catching up on things I'd missed because I've been out, bloody social life interupting my TV viewing!! In doing so I completely forgot the last episode of Hidden was on so had to watch that on the I-Player yesterday - doh.

And the it was Friday, huzzah and I was out in Oxford with the girls.Lots of gossip, wine and yummy fish and chips. I was home and in bed before the witching hour where as Himself who was out in London rolled in at some ungodly hour, disgraceful!

So tomorrow is Halloween. I love it and I love getting the local little ones trick or treating. I know there are many in the U.K who think it is a terrible American thing that shouldn't be allowed, but personally I think thats bull. I guess probably because when I was of an age where these things make an impression we lived on a huge RAF camp where there were also serving American airmen and many had young families.
Just like in WW2 the American servicemen arranged lots of events for the children with great enthusiasm. Trick or treating was just one of them . It was the best fun to dress up as witches and ghosts and run round in the dark shrieking excitedly and getting given sweets whilst doing it. It all used to end with a huge party and most of us either being, or feeling sick from eating to much!

I know it is inevitable that you get the local chavtastic element who see it as an excuse to pound on doors and demand money or to vandalise just for the hell of it, but on the whole the last couple of years has seen an ever increasing number of excited little ones in fantastic outfits, (usually with a watchful adult in the background) having a wonderful time and I love it.
So my lovely black felt cat basket has had it's usual contents (hair clips) tipped out and is filled with treats, and of course any that are left over we get to eat, not that there were any left overs last year, bad calculation on my part there!

Halloween is also our anniversary. 14 loving years!?! We both have the day off work just for the heck of it, to do something.......not sure what yet.....
                                                   Seems like only yesterday !
We will be going to see The Rocky Horror Show at the cinema in the evening. Lucky us it has be digitally remastered and re-released just in time for our anniversary. We both love it and always go to see the stage show when it tours. It also has one of 'our' songs in it.

                                                                 enjoy! x x 


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Tin Tin . It does look really good and I'm rather tempted myself.
    That blouse look brilliant on you and the cat basket is fab.
    Happy anniversary. Such a sweet picture. x

  2. How cool to have a Halloween anniversary, hope you have a wonderful time. My brother in law got married a year ago today and had us all decorate a pumpkin with a romantic theme to decorate the venue. I did Lionel Richie!

    I don't mind trick or treaters,as I have fond memories of doing it myself, and that was in deepest South Wales valleys 30 years ago - I don't think we were overrun with an American influence back then!

  3. Happy belated anniversary! I had loads of trick or treaters, like you i love seeing the little ones dress up and my son loved going to the door this yeat :o) Scarlett x