Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Busy Weekend and a Visit to the Seaside.

Firstly I would like to say thank you for the lovely comments on my previous posts and to say no I didn't just nip into B&Q and photograph a new oven, it really was mine!
It isn't an exactly old oven, just over 5 years but I keep it sparkling with the below items and a bit of elbow grease.
                     Seriously I LOVE 'Bar Keepers Friend' and use it for all sorts of cleaning jobs.

I have been half enjoying and half dying in this heatwave we are having. I was all prepared for Autumn you see and now this!
 I even picked all my green tomatoes because I thought they had no hope of rippening outside any more, now of course I have more ripe tomatoes than I know what to do with, time for a soup or pasta sauce I think....

Anyway I was out in Bath on Thursday (see previous post) I got home in time to have about half an hour with my feet up before I had to get ready to go out again! I met up with the friends that I used to travel into work with every day. Since the new job I have been on a different train so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Friday I had a departmental lunch at work and then straight on to drinks in the evening for my friend Will who is off to London to do an MA.

I wore this lovely black dress and my new red shoes. I had a brilliant time though I about died of heat in the dress as it was fully lined and the shoes destroyed my feet big style!
I don't know what it is about me this year but all my shoes seem to be giving me serious blisters :-(

Saturday I caught up with my brother and my parents which was so lovely. It's the one thing I miss about not having a regular afternoon off any more. I mostly used it to visit with my parents, it became our routine and chatting on the phone is not the same. Mind you it will be good for my waistline as our wednesdays usually involved some manner of cake! 

Today we decided to use up some of my free train tickets (you get 6 for renewing a season ticket) and have a day out whilst the weather was so good. We were thinking of Portsmouth but that involved 2 changes and nearly 4 hours of travel each way for some reason!?! So we settled on Weston-Super-Mare due to the fact it was a direct train and only an hour and a half journey = result!

 It was packed with people and in all honesty even though it was the seaside, I didn't like it as much as say Bournemouth.
                              Vintage headscarf and shades and my beloved 'kittens in mittens' handbag.

We walked a lot and I discovered my espadrilles did not have solid rubber soles at all but are actually half rope/half rubber and therefore I spent the rest of the day with wet feet. I suspect my poor feet are begining to think I hate them after this weekend!

We retired for a much needed glass of something in the local Wetherspoons where they had a fab seaside theme going on.
                        They had gorgeous old swimsuits framed with lots of cheeky postcards.

We did have a mooch through the town such as it is. Himself was happy to find some old star wars figures for £2.50 each in the covered market and I bought this lovely glass necklace.
 After that we spent a ridiculous 25 minutes queuing for chips while the girl behind the till did everything she possibly could to avoid actually serving anyone!!! Grrr.
On top of that the train home was late, packed full to the rafters with other travellers and to make matters worse the aircon was broken so it was like a bleeding sauna. Kind of spoiled the end of the day I must say.

Thankfully I was home in time for Downton :-) 


  1. I think I might've been trying to work out ways of whipping that cossie out of the display frame and into my bag lol!

    K xx

  2. Very pretty necklace, I like it a lot. And I'm a bit in love with the swimming costume display as well!

  3. Lovely post. I haven't been to Weston-Super-Mare in donkeys years. Not since the Great Ladybird Plague when thousands of the blighters swarmed everywhere!
    I like the necklace and as long as you were back for Downton, it was ok. I want lady Mary's wardrobe!xx

  4. Looking gorgeous,sweetheart!! Love that swimsuit!!! It's a bit traumatising seeing fabulous things like that just out of reach!
    pretty glass beads you've found,and o,that lovely seaside!! English seaside is so different to ours,and so lovely IN that difference! D'you know that those palm tree in Brighton are actually New Zealand cabbage trees?! XXX

  5. I have red shoes very similar to yours! You clearly have excellent taste ;-).