Monday, 24 October 2011

Guitar Drama and I Heart my Pearl Lowe Dress.

October means many things crunching through leaves, pumpkins, early dark nights. Nephew Number One's birthday, our anniversary (eek must buy a card!) and the annual tour of my favourite band Bowling for Soup.
It also seems to mean that I will be sick, the last 4 years in a row I have been sick when they have toured, indeed the last 2 years the band have all been sick too, and this year was no exception. This time round I was over the worst of it thankfully though Himself was just starting to get sick, see all these years later and I still love him enough to share my germs!

We took Nephew Number One, I bought him a drink. Oh dear, that's a weird one. He's 17, he drinks with his mates, but as his aunt and his godmother (and therefore responsible for his moral welfare, I stood up in church and swore to that!) am I naughty to not just let him underage drink, but actually buy it for him? I know I was at it from the delicate age of 15 but not with the help of my relatives!! hmmm.

Anyway we had had some drama the night before when he had managed to lose his beloved guitar. At first it was thought to be stolen, but it finally transpired he had accidentaly left it in a kiddies playpark where he was horsing around with his mates from college.
 He was devastated, well we've all been there haven't we? Noone to blame but yourself and you are just sick to your stomach at your own stupidity.
                                                                Not happy :-(

Amazingly enough the guitar gods were on his side because in the morning my brother got a call from the community centre next to the play area. Someone had handed the guitar in there the night before. I can't describe the relief all round, we drove straight over to collect it and lets just say the lesson has most definitely been learnt!

Anyways so off we went to see Bowling for Soup in high spirits. As ever they were awesome. The venue was freaking packed. I hate it when it's so full you are wedged in no matter where you stand, and why, WHY do I always seem to get stuck next to the kid in a stupid hat that blocks my view, with the most eyewatering B.O you are ever likely to encounter?? BLEURGH.

So for once I even loved the support band too, usually I hate the support. The were called 'Suburban Legends' and not only were they very funny and very good, they had a cute monkey on their t-shirt. What's not to like? :-)
I had decided I wanted to wear my red tartan docs, cos it's been a while but I was stumped what to wear with them....
Oh and get this! I actually got asked if I was Over 21, bless her short sighted heart! You get a wristband you see, to use the bar.

So, then I remembered the splendiferous Pearl Lowe black lace dress I bought ages ago and have never yet worn because I was too scared in case I didn't fit into it's lacy loveliness.
                             Remember it? Isn't it lovely? *happy sigh*  That's not me by the way......

So with some trepidation I tried it on and joy of joys it fitted like a dream. I was one very, very happy bunny.
We had a great night. Nephew Number One moshed in the pit at the front and I boogied more sedately at the back.
Sorry no full length picture of me en frock the camera stayed forgotten in my bag all night until we got home. So here I am sitting in my chair debating whether I can muster the energy to get up out of said chair and go to bed.
Tired and still full of cold, but inside I am laughing like a loon, can't you tell? Hmm? can't you?

*Edited to add looking at these two miserable pictures above of Nephew Number One et Moi, I now see why I am often taken to be the boy's mother! We do both smile a lot in our every day lives....... honest.

Random picture spot:

                                                                Elephant bangle!
                                                      You had the ghosts, here are the bats.


  1. Oooo,LOVE the Docs!Love the earrings,and that frock looks scrummy! Bowling for Soup,didn't they have a fab song,something about 1985???
    Ah,The Cult!Love em,still,and even their hard rock phase!I think I'm having a general 80's music binge lately.Was even listening to an 80's Aussie band the other day,gawd awful haircuts!!XXX

  2. It certainly is an ah-mazing dress. Always a bit too short for thunder thighs me though..