Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ghost Earrings, Cat Dress, It's All Go!

Frankly I'm knackered and it's only Thursday. I've been mad busy with application deadlines looming at work and a social life a go-go.

Sunday night I was out with my parents. We went to see 'The Ghosts of  Ruddigore' by Opera della Luna..

My Dad is a huge Gilbert and Sullivan fan so I thought this would be right up his street. It was a re-working of their operetta 'Ruddigore' with 6 professional opera singers playing all the characters. It was fantastic. Very clever, funny and superbly sung, if you like a bit of G&S you'll love this.

Tuesday was Nephew Number One's 17th birthday. He wants a new guitar so we gave him some cash, we also went for a family meal at the restaurant of his choice. His choice was the Fabulous 'Atomic Burger' in Oxford.
If you are a fan of Homemade burgers and all the trimmings and find yourself on Oxford's Cowley Road you would be very wise to call in this wonderous little establishment and eat until your eyes bulge. The interior is quirky to say the least, the walls are decorated with lots of figures and soft toys of all your childhood favourite shows. (I ws a little distressed to see Snoopy hanging by his feet from the ceilling!) I had the Dr Zachary Smith with plain fries and a banana milkshake, then back to my brother's for birthday cake. The stays were certainly creaking after that little lot.

Yesterday Himself talked me into going to see The Three Musketeers. Dear lord those are two hours of my life I am never going to get back again. The part of me that loves the book weeps. The part of me that adores the film with Michael York and Oliver Reed sobs hysterically. It was dreadful from start to finish, the thing that makes me mad is I have seen the trailer, it was terrible so why on earth I agreed to go to see it I have no idea. A terrible aberration on my part that will not be repeated.

On Saturday I did buy 2 non-charity shop dresses in the sales. One was black with white stars and one was black with white cats.It's pretty obvious even from just that brief description why I bought them :-)

I had to change the sleeves on the cat dress a little but I wore it today with my purple charity shop cardigan. I love it.
I also found these fab ghost earrings, also bats, pumpkins and black cats. Well it is nearly Halloween :-)


  1. Kitty frock!! That's heavenly!
    Ha, I KNEW The Three Musketeers remake would be appalling! Gimme Oliver Reed an day of the week over these modern nancy boys!! X

  2. That cat dress looks fabulous, isn't the print gorgeous?
    Much as I love Matthew MacFadyen and Ray Stevenson that film looks appalling. The Guardian called it "more dumb ass than Dumas". x

  3. Oh no I'm going to the Three Musketeers next Tuesday night. It's a work bonding trip or that's what we are calling it, I didn,t have high hopes for it, but it sounds dire.........I love Alex Dumas ( I feel I can call him that), and the Richard Lester movie version. I,ll have to take one for the sake of the team, I can always take a very large packet of M&M's with me that might help.