Saturday 22 January 2011

A Busy Week, Purple Shoes and Snowdrops.

Well this week has positively flown by. I'm just taking a wee break from my I-Player catching up viewing and tea drinking to write this.
Not only has work been manic (it's term time) I was also out gadding twice this week, once on a school night too no less, disgraceful! On top of that our grill decided to die on Monday tripping the electric in the process and leaving Himself with still raw sausages rather than lovely cooked ones when he got in. Poor thing had been on a trainning course and had been travelling home for the last 3 hours too. So calls were made and men finally came out on Friday to diagnose that the element had gone and a new one must be ordered in

On Wednesday we went to see 'Tragedy a heavy metal tribute to the Bee Gees'. They were so funny and it's amazing how well the Bee Gees music worked as rock, a sign of a well written song I would say. Having said that my favourite song of the evening was their cover of Donna Summer's - Hot Stuff. Brilliant.

Friday was far more genteel. I met my two best friends for afternoon tea and presents. We haven't been able to get together since before Christmas so we had a belated unwrapping of gifts as well as huge slabs of yummy chocolate cake. Diet what diet??

This morning I had to pop into town as my dear Dad had managed to leave the new broom handle he bought in Wilkinsons on Wednesday afternoon behind somewhere. By a process of elimination it turned out to be in Holland and Barrett of all places. At least he can blame his forgetfulness on age these days, (though he has always been like it) Sadly my brother and I, who both seem to have inherited the gene don't yet have that excuse!

Now due to the blogs of some lovely ladies I follow I have fairly recently signed up with Clarks Shoes. I love the fact that they don't charge postage and that they will either deliver to your house or a local store and if the shoes are no good then that's fine, no charge. I had an email off them this week to say their sale was at 'Up To 70% Off' now and for some reason when I lay in bed last night that popped into my head. There is a tiny Clarks shop in the new shopoing precinct in town and before christmas I had ordered in a gorgeous pair of purple shoes to try out. At the time I decided that whilst I liked them I couldn't justify the price and left them in store. So as I lay in bed last night it occured to me that they just might still be in store and also in the sale........
and do you know what? The shoe faries were smiling down on me for they WERE indeed still in store and they were also at 70% off, as you can imagine the Hallelujah Chorus went off in my head when I spotted them and for the second time this month the no shopping policy went out the window!

My lovely purple shoes. For some reason the colour looks burgandy here, they are actually deep purple. *Happy Sigh*
Finally when I went out to feed the birds I spotted that my lone snowdrop was no longer alone.


The magnolia is also thick with buds, so it's really starting to feel like spring. I must admit I did actually look round the garden today instead of just scooting out to fill the feeders and scooting back in. There is SO much work to do out there! As Scott Bakula would say Oh Boy.


  1. Is it possible to have shoe AND snowdrop envy? It must be, because I have it!!! What a glorious shade of shoe!

  2. Those shoes are fab! I have total garden envy as I am in a flat! I love magnolia trees.

  3. Heavy metal bee gees ,that sounds insanely brilliant to me!! Oh and those shoes are just adorable and definitely with breaking the no shopping rule for!!!

  4. There is a story behind the Magnolia which I plan to write about when it's in flower.

  5. Whoop whoop for the shoe fairies!! They are indeed lovely!

    I love it when the little snow drops dare to stick their heads above the ground. we've got a few in our front garden..but really I jsut can't wait for the daffs :-)

  6. Gorgeous shoes!

    Isn't it wonderful to have a garden? One gets promises of spring long before it really arrives (mine needs loads of work, too, but needs to dry out a bit first).

  7. The shoes are gorgeous. You were clearly menat to have them if they were waiting for you all that time x

  8. Cool shoes, I love comfy! And spring flowers are my favourite as it means winter is drifting away, hooray!

  9. yay to snowdrops... have seen some green shoots peeking through this way and it makes everything seem so much more brighter. and ooooo those shoes :) xxx