Monday 3 January 2011

So Far So Good......

Well so far I have managed to stick to my resolution of not buying clothes, it is only the 3rd of January I grant you, but when you factor in the sales that's a pretty big thing for me! I adore sales and am usually out of the door fairly bright and early on the 26th to snaffle a bargain or 6.

This year I had the combination of a stinking cold and my firm 'thou shalt not buy for the sake of it' resolution which meant I didn't actually venture out into the sales until the 31st. This was more a case of the pair of us going stir crazy in the house than any desperate urge to pound pavements.
We went to Reading and after 4 hours I returned with a very modest haul.

1.Some new hair clips.

2.A GORGEOUS purple hat. Himself hates hats, but over the years he has learnt to accept that I love them and did grudgingly admit that it looked ' quite nice' on. No picture of the hat on just yet as I am currently still only one shade warmer than dead in the face department, apart from the nose which is like rudolph's only sorer, and don't want to terrorize your day.


3. this little navy blue bag from a charity shop for £3.

I am very proud of myself. There were other things in previous years I would have just bought anyway that this year I did the will I wear it, do I really need it, is it worth it rule on, then put them back on the rails.

Mind you as it is only the 3rd of January I fear I am probably being a bit to smug...........


  1. Oooh I love your new purchases! I love hats too, and my Himself is just the same. He has to try really hard not to laugh at me, most ungentlemanly. I have got a bit more colour today, but sadly I am not digging the ruddy cheek look today. Or any day, for that matter! x

  2. That hat is amazing! I can see why Himself admitted it looks nice :)

    Happy new year x

  3. Wow, I love that hat!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Love that Hat too and good luck surviving your 2011 resolution I would have failed by now lol