Friday 28 January 2011

Happy Hair and a Plug for My Sister-in-Law.

Yesterday my hairdresser, who is also my sister-in-law finally managed to fit me into her manic work diary for a cut and more importantly a colour. The downside of having a successful hairdresser in the family is that she won't let anyone else do my hair but she also never quite has the time to fit me in. Having just complained about her being too busy;
Here follows my unashamed plug for my lovely sister-in-law Caron!

Last year prompted by the shocking treatment a dear friend of hers got from the local NHS recommended wig supplier Caron decided something should be done to improve the service. She was recommended Trevor Sorbie and his My New Hair project and immediatly went and signed up.
Fitting and cutting wigs is completely different to standard hairdressing and she had to go back to basics and retrain, which she did, and passed with flying colours. she is now Trevor's representative in the Oxfordshire area and here is her Long for Hair website, written by my brother and designed by Himself. All I did by way of getting involved was try on lots of different wigs. lol
Luckily for us she still hairdresses and I am often a guinea pig for new ranges of colours, foiling techniques etc which is only fair I guess as she doesn't charge me other than for the product. Lets just say some have been more succesful than others......

Anyways inspired by Landgirl1980's post. I thought I would share a few hairstyles from over the years, prepare to be amused/horrified.


This is me at sweet 16 about to go and see Motley Crue with my brother. I have included this to show not only a first and very bad attempt at backcombing but because I am wearing a vintage mens blue silk dressing gown! Even when being a hair metal fan I wore vintage :-) Sorry the picture is a bit dark.

As you can see the 80's rock chick hair is progressing, shame this is from the side and not the front really. believe it or not after this it got taller, wider and much blonder....oh yes!

This picture is for 2 reasons. Firstly I had thought it was only in the last couple of years that I had FINALLY accepted I have curly hair and embraced the fact. Yet here is a picture of me from the early 90's with my hair in it's natural state of curl and I'm still smiling!?! The second reason is because I have my 'almost antique' waistcoat on(as mentioned in earlier post about dinner jacket) not that you can really see it that well.

Years of abuse and a hairdressing salon disaster lead to my hair having to be cut as it was snapping off and falling out EEK. My hair is really fine anyway so it was not a good combination.

Still trying to believe I had long hair when I didn't. It was in a shocking, shocking condition here Note Himself with the kind of hair I have always wanted, though I'd have had a fringe/bangs with it.

Finally admited defeat and had it all cut off. I had  to have tricologist treatment, it was a couple of years before I could even have it coloured the condition was so poor. This is the colour I decided on when I was allowed. I wanted a change and to hide the grey that was creeping in at an alarming rate.

At the moment it's the longest it has been in years and a kind of golden brown with blonde highlights. No recent picture but as today is Payday Pub Friday and also a friends birthday there may be something to share later!


  1. Loving that hair metal look \m/ - I remember those days of crimping, back combing, the smell of 'Rock Hard' hairspray...ooh, I'm getting all nostalgic!

  2. The Motley Crue hair is obviously my favourite, but short hair defintiely suits you best!

  3. I LOVE the short cut! Show us your new do!

  4. Loving the 80s Bonnie Tyler hair! My sister had the same 'doo but had hidden all the photos away! That Motley Crue photo is pure gold!

  5. I love that pic of you in the waistcoat - you look so happy! Your sister-in-law's work is fantastic.

  6. You look lovely, such a fab colour! x

  7. what your sister in law does sounds fab! Lovely to see your hair pics x