Tuesday 17 April 2012

Devonshire Delights or What I Bought on Holiday.

Well it seems only fair to share my purchases with you :-)

So Clare and Dee are quite right in their comments on my last post, Torquay's charity shops are pretty rubbish. I have yet to find anything to buy when I have been to them but I live in hope. This means everything I did buy, apart from the buttons came from the high street so some of you may want to look away now....

On Wednesday I bought :
 A purple bucket to go with the purple spade I found last year in Bournemouth, well I was at the seaside after all!
I also bought some purple skinny jeans in Asda(Walmart) when we stopped to get wine but they are in the wash so no picture.

On Thursday I bought:
Firstly the flea market.....
a kitsch mini cushion for my Mum because I know it will make her laugh.

some buttons for my ever expanding collection.

Then it was 'to the SHOPS!'

I absolutely fell in love with this bird print top even though the price did make me wince a bit, it had to be mine.
I then spotted this dress.

More birds! I really wasn't sure about the cut and the neckline so I tried it on and it fitted like a glove so home it came with me *oopps*  Oh well I was on holiday.....

I loved this top and it was in the sale, perfect for lounging around at home :-)

Another bargainous sale item, a new jumper for work, it's nicer on than it looks in this picture!

  I LOVED the pineapples, and the bananas are pretty cool too, for £4 they were definitely worth it.

Some more rose earrings, these were £1.25 a pair in the sale so I have added them to the growing collection.

Finally two rings, one of which is an elephant so I need say no more.

And thus ends my holiday shopping.


  1. I really NEED to know where the gorgeous birdy top came from! Its stunning :0)xx

  2. I like a bit of holidy shopping. Love the first bird top...not Hney Holland is it? xxx

  3. is the elephant ring from primark the same as the boat?! I NEED it. Should've gone to paignton or totnes, good stuff to be found there

  4. Great jewellery, and even if you winced at some of the prices, at least you have practical souvenirs from your holiday.

  5. I love anyting with a bird print on at the moment! Those earrings are really fun :) x