Sunday 8 April 2012

Easter. My Favourite Time of the Year.

Indeed it is.

I love Spring so therefore Easter becomes my favourite holiday. I think because on the whole the weather is good enough for you to get out and do things without being too hot (I don't do heat.) also I actually feel energised and full of zip in the springtime, (if only that would last all year....)

 You get 4 days off work, my first chunk of holiday since Christmas (which was of course marred by the tooth disaster) and you get to eat chocolate and cake because of the Easter Beagle/Bunny  JOY!

Mostly though Easter reminds me of my Nan. Nearly every Easter Nan came to stay, when we were younger, every morning my brother and I used to get in her bed one on each side and make her read to us, it was magical. I swear this is where I get my love of listening to audio books from.
My Nan was amazing at reading out loud. She did all the voices, she captured the drama, we'd be spellbound and would refuse to let her stop until Mum came in with a much needed cup of tea, poor Nan was often hoarse by this point, and shooed us away.
When we got older we went for family days out, all my Nan's favourite flowers were spring flowers so somewhere with gardens full of blooms was a must. Or we would sit and watch old films and drink oceans of tea, another habit I get from my Nan!
It's 6 years since she died now, I miss her and know I will for the rest of my life, I still see things or read things I wish I could tell her, but mostly I am just damn grateful to have had such a wonderful woman in my life.

This Easter however it's just me and Himself. We were invited to Mum and Dad's but as we are going on holiday on Tuesday (SQUEE) the logistics didn't work out. So Good Friday I saw my parents for tea and caught up with my brother to deliver Nephew Number One's eggs. At 17 he was horrified at the thought that he may be considered too old for chocolate eggs, bless him (are you ever too old?)
My Mum and I both agreed 'No Chocolate' as we would both like to lose a bit of weight, so instead my parents brought me this because it is made of egg so therefore counts as an Easter gift.

                                                       I like the way they think.
Saturday I had a lie-in, it turned out to be somewhat longer than even I had planned. As if it needed to remind me just how much it needs a holiday my body let me sleep until 11am yesterday, without waking up once!?!
Before you ask, no, vast quantities of alcohol were not involved either!
I felt SO much better for it too which is weird, usually I fell like death if I sleep for too long but clearly this really was needed.

I took a gentle stroll into town for some fresh air and to look at a dress I had seen in Peacocks and couldn't make my mind up about. I decided against the dress so had a browse of the charity shops instead with the £16 the dress was going to cost in my stickly little mitts.

Clearly they haven't recovered from my sister's visit the other week because there were slim pickings to be had and every one had a sign in the window saying they urgently needed donations!
I bought two jumpers and that was it. Mind it's been cold enough to warrant a jumper again lately....
Not sure if I have mentioned here before but I loathe rollnecks. Just can't bear anything around my throat so I plan to chop the neck off the second one as soon as it is dry from the wash.

I spent the evening eating and drinking (diet? what diet?) and watching 'Singing in the Rain' followed by 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' (the Anthony Andrews version of course!)

Today being the glorious day of the Easter Beagle himself I have read, eaten boiled eggs for breakfast and lounged around whilst drinking my body weight in tea.

Tomorrow I shall be packing for a week by the sea. Yes Himself and I are off to Torquay to see his Sister, her Husband and Nephew Number Two.I can't wait.

I shall leave you with a picture of the wonderous new egg cup Himself bought me for Easter, isn't it ACE?


  1. aahh what wonderful memories of your nan she sounds like a truely beautiful soul. I like your jumpers but im the same as you i hate anything up around my throat to. And that egg cup is so sweet ;-) Have a lovely time in Torquay. dee x

  2. Your Nan memories are lovely! I loved being read aloud too as a child, and I'm sure it has encouraged my love of reading as an adult. I also love spring - my favourite time of year also. Everything wakes up after a loooonnnggggggg cold winter, hurrah! Have a lovely holiday :)

  3. How nice that you have such lovely memories of your nan.

    Have heaps of fun at the seaside!

  4. Spring and Easter truly is such a beautiful, restorative, wonderful time of the year. Paired with those treasured memories of your Nan, it's easy to see why it's your favourite, sweet gal.

    Wishing you a marvelous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Your nan sounds like she was a wonderful lady, its lovely to have memories like these. Love your little egg cup! Scarlett x

  6. LOL at the advocaat - good thinking! Cool eggcup too.

    Lovely thoughts about your grandmother, I'm sure she knew she was loved. Hope I can be a similar one one day.